Draft Kings

basherduncan Just for fun

This is one day fantasy football! The offer is best treated as a bit of fun. With statistical analysis and a bit of sporting knowledge you can do very well at Draft Kings but it isn’t the easy money you will find elsewhere.

See the offers on site here.

There are sign up bonuses available, the current offer is 100% bonus up to £400 which seems generous but you will need to play through a lot of games to realise all of this bonus. For every $1 of competition entry fee you spend you will receive 1FPP although you can top these up by completing their daily ‘missions’ which will reward you more generous returns such as 30FPP’s for a $3 entry.

To release each dollar of your sign up bonus you will need to earn 100FPP’s so if you deposit $25 you will need to earn 2,500 FPP’s to release the bonus (equivalent of a 100xWR if you don’t do any missions).

The main attraction here is the potential to win big for a small entry fee by participating in large fields if you’re a veteran fantasy football player you will find yourself in familiar territory.