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We are a lot smaller than some other sites. However we have been doing this a long time, and between us we tend to find a lot of hidden gems that the others don’t. The two biggest in recent memory were Penalty Payback and Try Again, both of which were worth five figures profit (six for penalty payback, if you had the float, which none of us did!)

Whilst we don’t necessarily have the content and manpower for daily calendar low-value offers (and we don’t lift information from elsewhere either, as we take pride in finding EV ourselves) we are confident that the long game pays off. Every few weeks something always crops up that makes the wait worthwhile.

It won’t be too long until the next big opportunity and we hope (expect) to be there. Saying this, there are many other valuable resources out there, most of which we have tried and some of which we still use. As you develop a solid understanding of the basics you’ll get to the stage where you will want to go out and find offers for yourself. There is nothing better than being the first to take advantage of an offer or a loophole!

To assist you with this we thought it would be useful if we put together a summary of some of the best resources out there.

Matched Betting Resources

Money Saving Expert
The largest forum with the largest amount of content, for risk free matched betting only. Many exhaustive guides, some are out of date, member generated content.

Very useful free resource for easily comparing odds from the major bookies.

£15 per month – lots of useful tools, they designed the original oddsmatcher, we still use it and find it particularly useful if you utilise the alerts function within the oddsmatcher to help track down good matches without spending ages searching for them. Oddsmonkey have a good new tool that they call their extra place matcher. It works for golf and the horses and looks like it will be a great time saver in the future.

If you’re signed up with Oddsmonkey have a look. If you aren’t, they’re doing a sign up for £1 offer for Ascot, if you sign up through this link they pay us an affiliate fee which would help pay for hosting the site!

Profit Maximiser
£8 per month but you need a years subscription – contains sports and casino strategies. A good site, original material. Mike Cruikshank has obvious experience and a wealth of knowledge on advantage play. The layout is cluttered and out-dated but there are some useful tools particularly for casino bonuses. The EV Maximiser comes recommended although some other add ons are less useful.

Bonus Chum
A useful slot simulator for calculating the EV of casino offers. You can generally get by using the free version but there is an option to pay for increased functionality.

The Gambling Times
£5 per month – an established site, been going for many years, has a dedicated forum. Forum and site layout is a bit dated but there is solid information here, risk free and risk offers

Save the Student
Free service – around for many years, basic introductory guide to MBing, no more information than available on MSE, target at students and those with low bankrolls. I think they are turning into bankofbets, although bankofbets have been in beta mode for a while.

Profit Accumulator
£23 per month – run by a group of young MBers who have limited experience. The layout is clean and appealing. It is the most expensive resource. Has a lot of members through an aggressive marketing campaign, the majority of whom are beginners. The forum has a lot of active members, possibly the largest of all, and is run very strictly (posts complaining, referencing other sites, questioning material or questioning the running of the site are deleted very quickly). I have not seen much original material, a lot is copied from elsewhere, sometimes verbatim. Very low value offers (penny profits) are given equal credence to high value offers. Some beginners find it useful due to the large volume of information and instructional videos.

Profit Ninjas
£16 pm – I don’t have experience of them – from their front page and free sign up they appear to be modelled on profit accumulator. They claim on their front page that they won the “Best Newcomer” at the 2015 Betting System Oscars, which is not an award ceremony I am aware of (and neither is google). Their blogs ran from July 15 to Sep 15 and then stopped.

RPoints Beat the Bookies
Free service forum – run by TartanTipster, was once a thriving community but all the members left to create private forums to escape the problems of lurkers and heavy handed moderation. Out of date and unused

No doubt launched on the back of the success of PA, can’t review it as I’ve no experience of it but they appear to market (spam?) quite aggressively on netmums and the like so maybe targeting that specific part of the market.

Free site that post news offers in a easy to read format on front page and has a fairly active forum.

Our Podcast is clearly the best one out there but it is also worth listening to others on occasion! Try…

Gambling with an Edge – The content has minimal applicability to British gambling as its Vegas focussed – blackjack counting cards, US college basketball, beating poker machines with comps etc. However that’s not important, it’s the concepts that are interesting and definitely transferable. There’s even a story about a woman with a PhD in statistics who managed to beat the lottery and win $1 million on a scratch card five times.

Many resources are now available on blogs and twitter but every so often it is worth going in to things in more detail. Try…

The Signal and the Noise by Nate Silver – An excellent guide to a way of thinking about odds and other issues.

Conversations with Gambling Wizards – From one of the Gambling with an Edge podcast people. More stories than maths.

For football stats this site is a good free resource The guy who runs it is called Joseph Buchdahl, he also writes for Pinnacle and is worth following on twitter.