What we do here is often known under the umbrella of ‘matched betting’. This is not a new thing, we’ve been doing it for more than a decade and more recently it has been picked up by the press and other reputable sources.

The Guardian

Covered it in 2010 and concluded there was money to be made although they were wrong to suggest you stop after completing the sign up bonuses, very wrong!

The Telegraph

Also in 2010, they draw similar conclusions the The Guardian.


Some useful points here, note the section on taxation!

There are plenty of other sites out there offering information and strategies. We believe that we offer more; from video tutorials for the novice through to high level strategies for the more experienced matched bettor. We even offer email alerts for the latest offers and how to take advantage of them. All our advisors are highly experienced and have an eye for opportunity wherever that may arise. Join us today, you won’t regret it and it could well change your life. This is BIG!

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