Dutching is a method used to divide stake over a number selections in an event so that the same amount is won irregardless of which selection wins. This technique is useful when two or more bookmakers have offers on the same market with a small number of potential results.

For example you might bet on Andy Murray to beat Roger Federer at William Hill and bet on Roger Federer to beat Andy Murray at Ladbrokes. If the odds they’re offering are good you can avoid paying commission at the betting exchange.

Dutch Lays

There are times when you may wish to lay off an offer that wins when one of two or more outcomes occurs such as a bookie that pays out if either Spieth of Johnson wins a golf competition.

Dutch lays are a little tricky but I think of them like this…..

If the odds are the same, divide your stake by 2 (10/2 = 5) and lay each selection by this amount (for purely risk free, remember to add on x1.05 for commission, but life’s too short right?)

If the odds are not the same, as in this case, work out how different they are and balance lays accordingly. Spieth is 6 and Johnson is 7.2 so Spieth requires 20% (7/6.2) more lay than Spieth. 20% of £5 is £1, so to make £1 difference lay Spieth for £4.50 and Johnson for £5.50.

This is a full underlay – to lock in profit increase the sizes, but make sure that the liability payout for either player is always less than or equal to the amount you will win in the bet.

Dutching Calculator

Link to Dutching Calculator is here!
It is a bit rustic but it works. If you want software to automatically find Dutch matches we can recommend the Oddsmonkey Dutch Search tool. It isn’t free but is bundled in with their monthly sign up fee.