Kwiff claim this…

kwiff is the only sports betting app where any bet could be supercharged.

What is supercharged betting?

Well, a 2/1 home win on a football bet could suddenly become 20/1. Or 52/1. Or 122/1. Or even higher!

How do you get supercharged odds?

It’s simple, download kwiff, place your bet… After you place your bet your odds could suddenly get supercharged! What just happened? Your just got kwiffed!

In Reality

Kwiff have found the perfect model – a -EV game that APers falsely think is +EV and throw money at it. Kwiff is like bet and spin on pokerstars; you KWIFF your odds and your odds get multiplied by x1 up to x-a-lot It costs you x% of your stake. Most of the time it’ll come back x1, but sometimes you get x1.5, x2 and once in a blue moon x100. Your first attempt always get kwiffed big.

The sting is – the overall distribution of prizes doesn’t sum to 100%. It comes to 99.something%. Its exactly the same as putting your stake on a roulette table with an RTP of 99% and then going booooooom when you hit a x1.5 stake. Never playing it has a higher EV than playing it. Every time you play it, even when you win, you eradicate your long term expected value. Don’t play unless you’re playing for fun – but if so don’t expect to make any long term profit from Kwiffing.