Matched Betting

If you want to make risk free, tax free cash then you want to go back a few years. Value betting is where the money is now.

Using simple maths you can profit from the bookie’s promotions. We can take this further by extracting value in many other circumstances, using mathematics to ensure we are making rational decisions.

There are hundreds of bookmakers out there all vying for a piece of the action. In order to attract customers the bookmakers will do all sorts of thing to make themselves stand out from the crowd.

Going back a few years, we would place a £5 bet with the bookie that Red Rum will win the horse race, and we used a betting exchange to bet £5 at the same odds that Red Rum will not win the race. These two bets cancel each other out. You haven’t won anything but you haven’t lost anything. What you have gained is the free bet from the bookie, which can be turned into cash.

This is the basic principle behind “Matched Betting” and plenty of cash was extracted using that principle. Now we have built up our reserves we can focus on taking value wherever we find it whilst managing our bankrolls.