Opportunities can often be found from trawling through statistics, this is how markets are made after all. Whilst some markets are very accurate and have huge volumes of cash going through them others can be more illiquid and these can often offer opportunities for the well clued up Bookie Basher.



Plenty of football data is available for free at is great for stats on individual players such as cards received, goals outside the box etc.

Soccer Stats have some very useful data in an easy to read format

538 do some decent analysis of football data which can be found here

Understat has information on xG – the expected goals metric

The Dixon and Coles model was one of the first proper studies in to football betting.

For inplay stats good options are:-

Horse Racing

The racingpost is a good free resource for data if you want to analyse the horses.

American Football

Covers have a load of information on American sports

538 specialise in this area see


There is an interesting collection of data at Tennis Abstract here