How to Bash Bookies

This page is to assist with the general mechanics of what is required to be a successful Bookie Basher....

You will need

  • A bank account with a debit card - Ideally this should be a separate account used only for Bookie Bashing.
  • A desktop computer/laptop.
  • A smartphone - Useful if not necessary.
  • An email address.
  • Photo ID - Passport/Driving Licence.
  • Address ID - Utility Bill or Bank Statement (It helps if you're on the electoral role).
  • Somewhere to safely record your usernames and passwords.
  • A notebook (paper or electronic) - To keep records of your bets and note down when free bets need to be utilised.

How to go about it

  • Visit the First Bets page to take your first steps.
  • Work through the sports easy sign up bonuses (SUB's).
  • Watch the video walkthroughs for each for a complete guide.
  • Once you've grown in confidence attempt some of the more advanced SUB's.
  • Look at the on-going offers, these will be updated as the offers change - This is where your long term profits come from.
  • ​Throw in some casino and bingo SUB's/Bonuses - These generally are not risk free but they can  offer very good value.
  • Keep financial accounts - It's nice to know how much money you've made!
  • Check out the Glossary if you need to further your understanding of terms and jargon used.