ComboBet Results Notes

What is tracked on this page?

  • Bets from the main tracker
  • Any requestabet/yourodds/whatoddspaddy/pickyourpunt up to 18th December. After this time a new tracker was released which will need its own reporting page. We will publish the new page when a reasonable sample size has been acquired.
  • Any bet requiring a BB calculation of corners/cards/goals
  • Any bet involving a estimation of an exchange price because the exchange was market was absent or illiquid

What is not tacked on this page?

  • Bets from the horse racing / golf trackers
  • Bets from the shop tracker
  • Match odds accumulators
  • Anything benchmarked against a liquid exchange
  • Any bets where the advantage is taken from backing at a 0% Smarkets
  • ‘Match Odds and BTTS’ or ‘Win to Nil’ advanced calcs

How often is this page updated?

  • Precise results tracking began on 18th January 2020
  • There is a 2+ month gap for lockdown
  • It is updated (at the latest) once a month.

How is the ROI calculated? Can yo change it to xyz staking method?

  • The ROI is calculated using the same, level staking liability for every bet (e.g. stake every bet to win £100).
  • The data is presented below to be copy/pasted for members to analyse with their own staking preferences

Missing bets

  • We do our best to maintain 100% completion of all bets posted.
  • The results are updated manually by copying and pasting from the tracker every day into excel and recording the results every few days. This process is pretty accurate – but due to the manual aspect of copying / pasting thousands of bets, a mistake may be possible!
  • If you are aware of a missing bet or mistake, please get in touch with [email protected] and we’ll get it fixed
  • Due to a manual error from BasherTom not clicking Save on Excel, bets from the 24th July-25th July 2020 were not saved. If you were on one of these please let us know and we’ll record it