Coupon Tracker results

Period Bets Staked p/l ROI
26/06/2020 to02/09/2021 180 £33,807.50 £11,938.43 35.31%
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Notes on the results below:

  • The shop coupon tracker is available here
  • Notes on how we extract value from coupons is here
  • The tracker is dynamic. A team may be value one minute, and not value the next. Cuts and updates happen all the time. As a result, it is not possible to track results in a traditional way as we cannot know the exact odds at any given time. Two different people using the tracker will have a different set of recorded bets.
  • The results below present a list of all of BasherToms Coupon bets that he has bet on, with actual stakes and p/l.
  • All bets are in the form of Trebles. 4 Teams = 4 trebles, 5 Teams = 10 trebles, 6 Teams = 20 trebles, 7 Teams = 35 trebles
  • Detailed results are tracked below from 26th July 2020. Results from 2018/19 are in a graph here.
  • Copies of any betslip below are available on request for full transparency.
  • Results will be updated Quarterly