x180s tool – instructions

The x180s tool monitors live lines for 180s and updates in real time.


How do I use the x180s tool?

The x180s tool is to be used by any advantage player that wants to explore value in a single match or across a session. The data can be used to

  • Find value on Most 180s at the bookmakers
  • Trade Most 180s on the exchange
  • Find value on alternative markets such as “Player to win and both players to throw over x 180s”
  • Find value in “Player to have the Most 180s in a Session” market.

By clicking on “Details” you can see a subset of markets for each game.

How do BB model the data?

BB don’t model 180s – for 180s we monitor live lines at the spread sites and take an average. For Match Odds the tool monitors the exchange fair odds. The tool monitors the lines in real time and will adjust according as they change.

How is Most 180s calculated?

To model Most 180s in a match or in a Session we use a discrete probability distribution known as a Skellam distribution. This is based on the mean 180s scraped from the Spreads. We then repeat that up to a statistically irrelevant juncture at which point we halt the analyses. We repeat this process iteratively, and factor in the draw using a weighted utility function.

I think the Sell Line / Midpoint / Buy Line should be used, can bookiebashing use that instead?

The tool is customisable. The default line is the Midpoint, but you can set it to the buy, sell or any % point in between.

What bets go on the tracker?

We only put bets on the tracker to monitor the ROI of the tool. Users are encouraged to use the tool to find value themselves.

The bet on the tracker has been cut so I can’t bet on it?

180s lines are sensitive to weight of money and will get cut. This is why we encourage users to use the tool themselves as opposed to relying on bets from the tracker.

Where can I find value?

Value can be found at the bookmaker or at the exchange. Searching through the “most 180s in match”, “player to have the most 180s in a session” and “match to have the most 180s in a session” will uncover value. 180s markets often have very little liquidity. Back prices can be traded higher than the Fair odds on the tool, and Lay prices can be traded lower than the Fair odds on

How is value on Checkout markets calculated?

For Checkout markets we will benchmark against a bookmaker that offers both the “player to checkout over x99.5” and “player to checkout under x99.5” on the assumption offering both sides gets shaped.

Many bookmakers just offer the over and these odds could be terrible. We then work out margin and apply bias as necessary.

What is the ROI of using the x180s Tool?