Stay one step ahead of the crowd by joining the Bookie Bashing community. If there is an edge anywhere we’ll find it and develop a strategy to beat it.

Move on from Matched Betting to Value Seeking, you’ll find a whole new world of opportunities open up to you.

Don’t expect to be spoon fed, the biggest rewards go to the value finders!

A screenshot of our Value Mugs tracker. We track every bet at every bookmaker 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We publish the most exhaustive, complete list of value bets. Anywhere.

We don’t win every month but we always expect to win over a large sample size. We are always up when looking at sample sizes over 1000 bets.

Value betting football coupons for long term profit

We use mathematical models to work out daily value

Video Tutorials

Everyone is nervous starting off, that is why we offer video tutorials so you can copy exactly what we do as you learn how to place your bets to GUARANTEE profit

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Is Finding an Edge Too Good to be True?

The foundation of our learning curve for value betting is matched betting. As matched betting became popular it became harder and we had to evolve to stay ahead of the curve and avoid following the crowd. We find the latest big offers, analyse them, develop a strategy and start to profit. If you’re already in to matched betting and looking for something new, we are probably it!
Matched betting had a long history of providing people with a sustainable income. Don’t take my word for it, check out these sources:


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Subscribe to the weekly Bookie Bashing BashCast. Hear how much profit we made last week and what we’re looking forward to next week. Click here or search for “The Bookie Basher Weekly” on iTunes. This is awesome by the way.

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Learn the best strategies for searching and hedging your bets. We explain how to find bets, how to hedge them, when to place them and when to avoid them – all using mathematics.

Ever wondered how to take advantage of a free bet? Or a reload offer? Or a casino offer? Or bingo offers? Value mugs, extra places, double odds, all explained with video tutorials, mathematics and explanations behind the theories.


Come join our forum and get daily info, advice and a healthy dose of bashing chat with other like minded bookie bashing types. The bookie bashing team is always on hand to offer advice on your bets.

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The Team

Basher Tom
Basher Duncan
Basher Lee

Since 2011 we have made hundreds of thousands of pounds profit from Bookie Bashing

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“I have been delighted with the welcome received from the boys at bookie bashing. The walk throughs are clear and instructive which is required as this is a tricky concept to get your head around.
I managed 10 of the sign ups from the basic offers list in the first sitting, and after a few days they are now paying out unadulterated free cash, I am now looking forward to attacking the Cheltenham Festival next week and hope to come away with a nice bit of profit.
I have begun to realise the magnitude of possibility here and am going about upping my stake to take advantage of more of the promotions made available by the lovely bookies.
And I love a project, this is right up my street!”

– Drew S (March 2016)