Blog post – different applications of the Golf Tracker

How do you use the golf tracker?

Sure – we can bet on goflers at the bookmakers referenced, but are there any other applications?

The bookiebashing golf tracker uses a model that estimates the value of each golfer based on the number of places offered by a bookmaker. We have monitored the p/l of the tracker over a couple of years by posting up a selection of +EV golfers before the tournament and we record the p/l here.  It has been suggested that we should not include the Win Component in the results (nor should we celebrate winners) because the value is assumed to be from the place.

I don’t see the tracker as black and white as that.

Like all our trackers the golf model is not static. It is dynamic and it is powerful at highlighting delta changes in prices (known colloquially as following smart money). The shop football Coupon tracker has been very profitable for us due to fact that the teams that we are betting on are the teams that have attracted smart money. Similarly when smart money comes in for golfers (whether through syndicates or recommendations from +EV tipsters) these golfers tend to develop enhanced +EV ratings on the tracker.

Try it – follow some golf tipsters (free and/or paid, doesn’t matter as long as they are good) and record the EV on the tracker before and after. Golfers tipped by credible sources may be -EV before they are tipped but tend to be +EV afterwards.

So whilst the algorithm determines value through an assessment of the places, it also has the benefit of highlighting all of the golfers that smart money/syndicates are betting on.

Personally, I use the tracker for 3 applications:

  • Betting at bookmakers
  • Betting on the exchange
  • Betting fantasy sports


The recorded p/l of betting each way on the golfers we put up on a Wednesday  has an ROI of +33% after 1058 bets – and has turned a £1000 bankroll into £5,320. Golf Tracker Historical Results.


Were we to bet these Win Only on the exchange we lose the place value however we are still following smart money. Applying an exchange win-only strategy to the golfers we have put on the page using the same recommended stakes would have an ROI of +19.9%

Fantasy Sports

Now with Fantasy Sports I don’t put my line ups up for independent proofing so there isn’t much point in talking p/l figures. One thing is for sure from my perspective – using the bookiebashing tracker for fantasy golf is the highlight of my weekend.