Valero Texas Open

The Valero Texas Open (PGA Tour) takes place on the 1st April 2021. The bookiebashing golf tracker will be available to subscribers from Tuesday 30th March to help narrow down the value betting propositions.

Key metrics at the TPC San Antonio (AT&T Oaks), San Antonio, TX

Driving Distance, Recent Birdie Scoring and Bogey Avoidance are all key metrics at the TPC San Antonio (AT&T Oaks), San Antonio, Texas


Based on these metrics, we will be keeping an eye on the following highlighted players:


We will keep an eye out for these golfers to see if the bookmakers price them into +EV propositions on the bookiebashing tracker.

Weather forecast

For inplay action it’s worth keeping an eye on the weather


BB Results

Betting on golf is can high variance with large fields and long odds but our results to date are in line with our expectations. These results are from the selections we post up on a Tuesday or Wednesday before the event and so are just a snapshot of the value available at any particular time. The tracker itself is live so there is plenty of value available throughout the build up to an event.