Maximising stakes on restricted accounts

A strategy for betting horses on restricted bookmaker accounts

  • How can we maximise the amount of money we are getting down on horses at restricted bookmakers?
  • The below shows an example at Skybet. Skybet can lift limits when betting on Reqeustabets and (seemingly) -EV propositions. But what if the 1% or 0.1% restricted account just won’t budge?

Example 1: The Mouse Doctor is 136% EV at Skybet

PROBLEM 1 – Restricted Singles

A restricted account may limit you to £1.79 on this horse. We have two problems; (1) the payout is peanuts, and (2) the horse only wins one time in a roulette spin

Solution 1: Lucky 15s

Using the System Bets Calculator (found here) we can  estimate the EV of adding four horses together from the tracker – including a couple of the shorter single figure odds – into a lucky 15. This will compound the value of the bet up to 143.95% EV


PROBLEM 2 – Restricted Multiples

However we still may find that we are restricted to 11p Lucky 15s

Strategy – bet on all multiples, multiple times!

Bet on All Doubles, Trebles, Yankees, Lucky 15s at the same time. This will be repeating the same multiple over and over again, but now we find we can raise our stake to £20.74 down where previously we were limited to an 11p Lucky 15.