Share bets with a private group

You can now share bets with your team(s) by using the bookiebashing Group Tracker.

The Group Tracker is found on a tab within the bet tracker. The Betbuilder is used to send bets to the Group Tracker.

To Set up a Private Group:

  1. Go to the bet tracker:
  2. Navigate to Group Tracker

3. Choose between “Create a Group” and “Join a Group”

Each Group has a Group “ID” and “Group Pass”. When creating a group you must give it a name and a password and then you will be provided with a Group ID. Send the Group ID and Password to all members of your private group to allow them to join.

To send bets to the private tracker:

  1. Navigate to the betbuilder:
  2. Construct the bet you would like to share.
  3. Select “Private Group” from the tracker dropdown.


IMPORTANT – All private group bets posted by a member will be shared with All Groups that member belongs to. A future version update will allow members to send bets to bespoke groups.