What’s been happening and what’s on for the future of development

What have bookiebashing been doing in the last year?

Some user feature requests are outstanding after 1 year. To answer what we have been doing in the last year:

The priority has been the stability of the site and the currency of the odds. We historically had problems with DDOS attacks, with load issues and with trackers hanging. The inaccessability of the site was an absolute priority. Over the last year we have been working full time on the Uptime of the site. In 2023 we had the first Cheltenham in years where the tracker was up for almost all of the time (barring 30 mins on Tuesday morning). Had the site or trackers gone down fully we actually had (and still have) backup sites we can point to in the event of a catastrophic failure.

A second priority has been a massive issue with bots on the site. Over a year ago we realised the scale with which bots were reading bookiebashing, and reselling the data. Restrictions on horses at bet365 were directly related to this, and the value of the bookiebashing subscription was being compromised by the selfish actions of a small group of people. We have since built tools that protect the data from scraping. To the casual member this work may appear to be irrelevant to them as we focussed on this instead of feature requests. However the long term outcome is the ability to bet on horses with a much lower risk of restriction.

To summarise the main works the past year:

  • Highly available web system (HAWS)
  • Scraper improvements and maintenance
  • Group Bet Trackers and Bet Tracker improvements
  • Support system improvements

What’s on for the future of development

Another reason non urgent bugs or user requests have been delayed is because the past 3/4 months we have been rewriting the entire code base for the trackers, which will greatly improve the performance and mean the code can be maintained and improved by a team of developers, this is now in its final stages with all the trackers currently being migrated into the re-code. Once this is ready we will allow users access to sandbox version whilst we iron out any bugs, so your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

The planned development work moving forwards will then be:

  • Racing Tracker improvements (including all accepted requests and bugs)
  • Golf Tracker improvements (including all accepted requests and bugs)
  • EP Tracker improvements (as above)
  • System wide results tracking and individual tracker results tracking
  • Standalone EW Tracker Tool
  • EW Tool for checking any golfer/horse odds/terms EV
  • Proform type tool for downloading/tracking of racing results

We have recently employed extra IT staff, who will be available for help on future bugs and requests. If you have any suggestions on features you would like to see on bookiebashing, please submit them in My Support.