Steam/Drift Tracking on Private Trackers

Betting on steamers can help us beat the closing line. Identifying steamers at scale is the hard part. The video below shows a new tool for tracking steamers/drifters at bookiebashing:

Steam/Drift tracking is now available for any bet available on:

  • Bookiebashing Lines (Game Centre, Player xG, Handicaps, Totals, Player Stats, Combobets)
  • Betfair Exchange
  • Best Bookmaker Price

Bets are tracked live on your Private Tracker. To set up a bet for steam/drift monitoring toggle the “Live” button to “Steam/Drift Track”.

The bet will appear on the tracker with the Back and Fair Odds equal to the fair odds at the time the bet was sent. Any steam will see the back odds remain the same and the fair odds decrease, therefore steams. The EV will be equal to the Back Odds at time of Sending divided by the Fair Odds at the time the Private Tracker is loaded or refreshed.

This function is the start of an R&D project to assess the value to users in a dedicated tool for steam/drift tracking across all markets.