Is horse racing value in decline?

Addressing todays Discord conversation.

> When are bookiebashing going to do something about shared logins? They’ve gone silent.

We have active, preventative measures in place to stop the sharing of BB accounts. Obviously we can’t comment on what we do – if we discussed it it would give an advantage to account sharers. Needless to say, it is not possible for there to be huge communities sharing a single BB account and destroying horse racing value.

> There are too many members now at bookiebashing

We won’t discuss membership numbers or customer acquisition. Our business is one of decay – members leave and members join, and we try and keep the number static. If it gets too big, we make the barrier for entry harder. We do not have to as membership numbers are in decline.

> BB is dry this week. The game is over. Horse racing value is dead.

See the graphs below for database records of the number of +EV horses and the £EV on our horse racing tracker.  *£EV is based on Unit Loss Staking. I said Unit Win on the video, I got that wrong. £EV and total number of horses are from a snapshot per day – not the total across the day.