Unlocking the Excitement: Bookie Bashing’s Unique Offerings for the Rugby World Cup


The Rugby World Cup is around the corner, and sports enthusiasts worldwide are gearing up for a thrilling competition. At Bookie Bashing, we’re not just spectators; we’re here to elevate your Rugby World Cup experience. Our cutting-edge tools and trackers give you an edge like no other. Let’s explore our unique selling points (USPs) in the realm of Rugby World Cup betting


1. xTries: Tries scored in a match by half and by team

– Match Tries: Our live data feeds provide real-time updates on match tries, helping you make informed in-play betting decisions.
– Tries by Half: Dive deeper into the action with data on tries scored in each half, enabling you to spot trends and opportunities that others might miss.
– Team Tries: Keep an eye on team performance with our team tries data, crucial for predicting overall match outcomes.
– Team Tries by Half: Gain a strategic advantage by analyzing when teams tend to score the most tries. Our data covers this aspect comprehensively.

2. xPlayerTries: Betting on Individual Brilliance

– Player Tries: Bet on your favorite players to score tries with confidence, backed by our accurate player tries data.
– 2+, 3+ Player Tries: Identify high-scoring players and explore options like 2+ or 3+ player tries, enhancing your potential returns.
– Player to Score in First Half/Second Half: Predict the flow of the game by betting on when specific players are likely to shine. Our data gives you the insights you need.


Why Choose Bookie Bashing for Rugby World Cup Betting?

  • In-House Developed Algorithms: Our tools and trackers are powered by algorithms developed in-house, giving us an unmatched edge in the market.
  • Live Data Feeds: We provide real-time data, so you’re always ahead of the game, especially during crucial moments like team news announcements.
  •  Global Reach: While our roots are in the UK and Ireland, we serve members from all over the world, making us your global betting partner.
  • Unique Bet Builder Tool: Link your bets to our Bet Builder tool, allowing you to track your bets in real-time and assess their value as the action unfolds.



As the Rugby World Cup kicks off, Bookie Bashing is your go-to destination for insightful data and betting tools. With our exclusive xTries and xPlayerTries data, you’ll have the upper hand in making informed bets. Join us for a thrilling rugby season and experience the future of sports betting with Bookie Bashing. Don’t just watch; be a part of the action. Place your bets intelligently and make this Rugby World Cup one to remember!