Change to business objective “open sharing of calculations”

From 2015-2023 operated under a number of core values and business objectives.

One of these business objectives was “open sharing of calculations”. Under this we operated under an open and honest system where we would make all calculations available to all users, whether published on site – or made available on request. This would allow for a critical review of our newer calculations and fostered trust within our community. 

As of December 2023 we have taken the decision to reject such requests. Recent events have heightened our awareness of the risk of bad actors copying and cloning our calculations – and doing so in a way that does not consider the sustainability of these markets.

We have to balance the right for information against the risk of ruining the edge.

We recently had a request for the equation we use to calculate EV in one of our goalscorer edges. The user stated “If i can’t understand what you’re doing then I can’t bet on it”. We appreciate this stance. However the risk of sharing the exact calculation means that it can be cloned elsewhere, and the value can be exposed to thousands of people outside of the bookiebashing community. This in turn makes the market more efficient and ruins the edge for those within the community. The risk of ruining the edge outweighs the right to understand the calculation.

In lieu of providing exact calculaitons and equations we will move to a strategy of pointing to the ROI of historical results. In newer edges this will mean that we need to wait months or years to collect enough data to prove the edge is genuine and that the calculation is reasonable and accurate. 

Patience is a virtue; at bookiebashing we under-promise and over-deliver. Our tools and trackers get released without fanfare, and over time we have always been able to point to historical data to show how powerful they are.