About us

Who are we?

We are experienced advantage seekers with backgrounds in matched betting who have moved on to bigger and better things.

Basher Tom has his fingers in every offer going. He has a degree in Civil Engineering and Maths with an postgraduate in Predictive Statistics and Artificial Intelligence. He has vast experience on the poker tables and has made over £500k from betting in the last few years. He’s always one of the first to know when an opportunity arises.

Basher Duncan is a Chartered Accountant with a degree in Physics with Astrophysics. In 2002 he read a book about poker and put £40 on the table, £120 was withdrawn the same day and he has been playing with winnings ever since. The poker tables became more of a grind after a few years but he was tipped off about matched betting in 2006 and has never looked back.

Basher Lee is a tool creating genius.

What is Bookie Bashing?

We seek value from bookmakers and casinos.  This is potentially risky so we are providing you with the tools and explanations to mitigate that risk.

We seek out edges and develop strategies to take advantage of the edges we find.

Can I do it?

If you are over 18, a resident of the United Kingdom and you have a bank account the answer is YES. Our site is suited mainly to advanced value seekers who have a bankroll at their disposal.

Our Vision

We aim to attract and train an elite band of Bookie Bashers to assist us in our quest to extract as much value as possible from the bookmakers.

We would like to develop tools and strategies to help our members whilst also helping ourselves (win win!)

As our band grows we hope that more and more people will contribute to the forum so that we can make more money from the bookies, along with everyone else.

We don’t intend to spend every waking hour chasing every penny available as our time is valuable to us.

We do want to aim for the higher value offers which earn us a good hourly rate for our efforts.

We aim to be at the front of the queue when a new opportunity arises. It is important to stay ahead of the crowd so we look beyond the basics in to seeking value.

If you’re ready, sign up today and unlock more equity than you can shake a stick at.