How it works BetBuilder

What is it?

The BookieBashing Betbuilder Tool is a powerful tool to calculate the fair odds of any combination of goals, corners or cards in any time period of any group of games.

The betbuilder can also bring in betfair markets, bookmaker top price markets and advanced calculations.



    • Consider Goals by Match, Team and Period for all liquid games listed on Betfair.
    • Consider Corners and Cards for all primary games, listed in the detailed games page.
    • Consider shots on target bets for Players (where we have data)
    • Pre-populate the Live expected means for Goals, Corners and Cards by Period without the need for the user to research the data.
    • Provide a list of commonly used bet constructs e.g. 3+ goals, 3+ cards, 9+ corners
    • Consider exclusivity variables between component that relate to each other; e.g. Both Teams to have 5+ corners must take into account that one team getting corners reduces the physical ability (and probability) of their opponent getting corners.
    • Consider Fair Odds from any Exchange Market (Fair odds will be the lay, Midpoint, LPM, Back or NAN depending on the market composition)
    • Consider Top Price from a range of bookmakers with Markup
    • Consider Player Shots on Target
    • Consider all Game Centre Markets