Handicaps Tool Instructions


How it works

The Handicaps tool returns fair odds for Handicap Lines (and Points Total Lines) in NFL, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Basketball, Darts and Snooker.

  • The Handicaps model takes various handicap lines from bet365. The margin is applied and a plot distribution graph is built to determine the model used by the bookmaker. We are able to extrapolate the plot beyond the maximum and minimum lines available at bet365. 
  • The Handicaps model is populated each morning by the BBTeam. Handicap lines for some games may not be available until later in the day. If handicap lines aren’t available in the morning then we can import them into the tool later in the day on request. Please get in touch with us by using SUPPORT under MY ACCOUNT to request a game. 
  • The handicaps tool re-scrapes and recalculates the data every few minutes.
  • Points Totals are also evaluated, where applicable (e.g. NFL, Rugby)

Sports can be filtered in the dropdown at the top of the page. All of the informaiton in the handicaps model can be extracted with “COPY CSV”. 

Totals are also available where a Total Points line exists. The methodology for extrapolating the Total Points distribution curve is the same as the methodology for extrapolating the Handicaps distribution curve.

Handicaps and Totals can be tracked live on private trackers by setting u pthe particular line and bookmaker odds in the betbuilder. Select “Advanced Calculations” -> “Handicaps” or “Totals”