Betting on the golf

Enjoy betting on the golf? So do we at BB… nothing better than relaxing on Sunday afternoon watching the best in the world trying to hold their nerve around Augusta National, if you’ve some money in the action, it can feel like you’re part of it literally, feeling the pressure of every precarious shot your pick has to take on, thrilling and exhausting at times. The Masters is without doubt one of our personal favourite events on the sports calendar.

Finding value betting on golf


If you’ve placed bets on the golf before you’ve no doubt faced the selection nightmare all golf betting lovers have faced before a big tournament, who do you pick? Follow the next best golf tipster.. bet on the golfer that you like to watch, back Rory, Tiger or maybe a newcomer or a longshot you think has an edge? Decisions!

Golf Betting System

Well now there is a new solution, we bring to you the golf EV (Expected Value) finder. If you’re looking for an edge betting on the golf, you’ve found the right place. Look no further. As seen below, the EV finder looks for players that are priced incorrectly in the market and offer a better chance of winning or placing in the money than the odds that are available, so now betting on the golf is no longer a punt in the dark, you can actually get a ROI. The EV finder is built using advanced algorithms and data models, but the information is presented in user friendly way, so you can get your bets down with minimal fuss, however the tool can be used in more advanced ways if you so wish. If you enjoy betting on the golf, but would like to start taking it the next level this is the place to start, the added bonus with the golf EV finder, is that it runs through the entire golfing calendar, so now you can make money betting on the golf every week.


Inplay Betting

Another feature of the EV finder is it runs inplay finding value betting opportunities whilst golf’s underway. Get ready for golf betting edges like never seen before!

Betting on the golf is great value

Betting on golf really is value for money, you have a couple of days of build up before the first tee in which to make your picks, then four days to track them and maybe add to your portfolio with some inplay interest. All made even better in the knowledge that you are using a long term winning strategy that can provide you with a decent return on your investment.


What about the results?

The golf tracker is live all day which means you could select any number of different golfers compared to the next person but to illustrate it’s success we pick a selection each week before the first tee and post them up for our members. 

Up to date results pages can be found here.

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