Coupons Tracker Instructions

The live coupons tracker can be found here.


How it works

Shop Coupons can be entered into the tracker. The lay prices are tracked against the betting exchange to return figures for the value achieved when entering teams in to trebles. When any cuts are made these can be updated so that we continue to have the latest possible prices for our shop visits. Feel free to update any cuts you find out about, this can be done on mobile or desktop so is suitable for those in the field. There is a log of changes made at the bottom of the page so everyone can see what has been going on.

We have reviewed a number of coupons in the past and have found the best value is held in those coupons that can’t be directly arbed very easily.  For this reason we focus on coupons that have to be put into trebles and above or those that don’t have a direct liquid exchange market.

Using the tracker

Placing your bets

Grab the relevant coupon from your local bookmaker and select the games at the top of the tracker. A favourite tactic of ours is to place the top seven teams into 35 trebles – if you bet £10 per treble this makes your total stake £350. We use seven teams as it gives a nice balance between returns and variance. Shops have different limits on how much you can put down, for example Betfred will often limit you to £300 although if you get on well with the staff this can be higher!

Staking plans

How much should you stake on these coupons? If you have a large bankroll you may find that the only limitation is how much the shop will allow – this can often be £300 for the Pushes and Bonus coupon at Betfred for example. If your bankroll doesn’t cover these sort of stakes we go into some detail here as to how much you should be laying down.

Live prices

The Betfair lay prices are automatically refreshed every 5 minutes, and also when any cuts are updated. This means that although there will still be cuts we will be in the best position possible to take the value on offer.

Dealing with cuts

It is very common that you will arrive at the shop, fill in the coupon and find that there have been cuts made to the prices you are after, it is important to be able to deal with these on the fly – see here for some tactics in how to ensure you maximise the EV in the face of these.

Importing a coupon

There may be a coupon that isn’t already entered on to the system. Members can import coupons themselves so that they are then tracked until kick off. We’d like to keep this under control to avoid the coupons pages becoming cluttered, please contact us using Discord for more details.

Reaping the rewards

As with a lot of strategies there are likely to be runs of small losses and then one big win. See here for an example of one of the Super Saturday’s when we made £12,324 profit in one afternoon.

It’s not like that every week of course. This page tracks the results of the Tom and Duncan’s personal bets on the Seventh Heaven and Pushes Coupons from January 2018 to September 2019.

Schedule of Coupons

The below table is a rough schedule of coupons as of February 2022.  Note – this is only a rough guide. Bookmakers can often be late with coupons, or even early.  Some shops can have coupons available whilst other shops will adamantly claim they are not out yet.  Usually you can ask a shop to print a coupon if it isn’t available, but sometimes they can be stubborn.