Starting off

A first question – Do you have a bankroll?

Check out the graph above showing just one of our techniques. You will have noticed that whilst we make money in the long run, we do experience losing runs.

Can you handle those losing runs? Do you have a bankroll?

If not – fear not.

If you are brand new to making money from bookmakers then you are in a brilliant position – you can make money risk free from bookmakers by match betting their sign up bonuses. Matched betting is a legitimate way of initially building a bankroll, risk free.

We are not a Matched Betting Site.

However for your convenience, we have instructional videos aimed at beginners to explain exchanges, matched betting and how to take advantage of Sign Up Bonuses without risking your capital. Here at Bookie Bashing HQ, we do not specialise in Matched Betting; we specialise in value betting. Value betting requires a bankroll. If you’d like additional information about matched betting, you can visit Money Saving Expert for free, or use one of the following paid sites: Odds MonkeyProfit Maximiser or Profit Accumulator. They have the resources to help you along as a beginner. Once your bankroll is big enough to sustain the variance of value betting (we would recommend a minimum of £2,000), ensure you come back to Bookie Bashing where you will find some of the best betting techniques available. We pride ourselves on our unique approach, showcasing techniques not found elsewhere, these will provide you with the edges to ensure you continue to make money from bookmakers whilst maximising your profits.

The difference between matched betting and value betting

At we are what is known as “value bettors”.

  • Matched bettors seek to make hundreds of pounds a month from reloads and are very reliant on signing up to the same bookmaker over and over again. This is not a sustainable mode of income in the long run.
  • Value betting relies on finding edges with bookmakers in a way that you will continue to make money for years into the future.
    Where a lot of matched bettors aim to make hundreds per month, we aim to make thousands; recently some of our members have been reporting 5 figure months.

The basis of our bankroll is to build it in a risk free way.

Who can do it?

If you are over 18 and have a bank account this is for you. You probably already have all the equipment you need. We will give you the knowledge! If you like to bet, have a good understanding of maths and have some experience of matched betting and/or advantage play then this will help you get it right.

Why should I use this website?

By signing up with us you will receive expert guidance from experienced professionals – find out about us here and benefit from a community of high calibre advantage seekers. We also have the best live tools around, offering up EV from a multitude of angles.

Let me get going!

If you’re already experienced in match betting and advantage play make sure you join our Discord mobile platform to join in with everything our community has to offer.


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